Slovak Ornithological Society/BirdLife Slovakia (SOS)

SOS/BirdLife Slovakia is a non-governmental organization, civic association with over 1000 members, which main role is to protect and research the nature, especially the wild birds and its habitats. SOS/BirdLife Slovakia is representing Slovakia in international organizations: BirdLife International, Euring, and Association of European Rarities Committees. SOS/BirdLife Slovakia was founded in 1993 and its acitivites follow up on acitivites of Czechoslovak Ornithological Society founded in 1926.

SOS/BirdLife Slovakia deals with protection of species, habitats and areas, conservation research, bird ringing, environmental policy, environmental education, working with children and youth and publishing activities. SOS/BirdLife Slovakia is organizing seminars and conferences and SOS/BirdLife Slovakia is publishing scientific magazine Tichodroma and a popular science magazine Vtáky/Birds. SOS/BirdLife Slovakia coordinated scientific proposal of SPA network in Slovakia after accession of Slovak Republic to EU. Organization is responsible for coordination of several national bird monitoring schemes in Slovakia (waterbird census, common bird census, monitoring in framework of bird atlases, including european).

SOS/BirdLife Slovakia coordinated prepareation of management plans for majority of slovak SPAs. SOS/BirdLife Slovakia is key stakeholder responsible for practical bird habitat management in several slovak SPAs, for instance SPA Senianske rybníky, SPA Žitavský luh, SPA Parížske močiare and several other. SOS/BirdLife participated in several projects dealing with protection of Great Bustard and Red-footed Falcon and its habitats and also Common Tern, Mediterranean Gulls, Black Storks, different waterbird species (Bitterns, Ferruginous Duck, Night Herons and others), Corncrakes, common bird species, several raptors and owls species.

SOS/BirdLife Slovakia has several regional branches, which are active in all regions of Slovakia.


Raptor protection of slovakia


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LIFE Steppe on border project, „Long-term conservation of Great Bustard and Red-footed Falcon in border region of Hungary and Slovakia“, (LIFE20 NAT/SK/001077) is co-funded by the European Union from the LIFE Programme. The project implementation is supported by the Ministry of Agriculture of Hungary and Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic as co-financiers. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union, CINEA, Ministry of Agriculture of Hungary or the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic. Neither the European Union, the Ministry of Agriculture of Hungary, the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic nor the granting authority can be held responsible for them.

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